Dirt Roads are a blessing for weekend rides!

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of dirt.

When I lived three miles out on dirt roads it became a “challenge” to deal with the dirt, mud and dust. I moved into the glow (when you live far enough out you know what the glow is in the dome of a “metro” area) and deal with road noise, dangerous roads, but no dirt. So to go for a bike ride I either haul my bike somewhere or hit the side road out to dirt. I love riding dirt roads and you get to enjoy interesting smells, sights and sounds!

Here is a pic of Cook Road heading out towards Shiawassee County. I nice ride.

What a great weekend for rides! I was able to do about 35 miles over the weekend in three trips. Nothing outrageous. Where do you like to ride?

What a Great Site!

Evidence of the Genesee Valley Trail

Looking East on Dutcher Road

Take a look at that beautiful wide path in the making! I can’ t wait to be able to ride my bike from my office on Lennon Road to downtown Flint for lunch!