One Million Dollar Project for $44,000

The goal of this web site was to help raise the engineering dollars necessary to lock in this million dollar project. We accomplished that goal together in a short window of time. As a result, the trail is complete and you can see it being used on a regular basis for excercise and transportation.

Future of the Walking & Biking Trail

The Genesee Valley Trail has the potential to link Flint Township with the exciting things happening downtown Flint when the second half of the trail is completed. The trail will provide access for the new residents downtown Flint to shop in Flint Township or the other way around as retail develops downtown again.

A big thank you to all who helped!

A large wood map and sign has been constructed near the bus stop on the Genesee Valley Mall end of the trail. You can see a list of many generous supporters who made this happen.

Where does the Genesee Valley Trail go?

The trail starts at the bus stop on Linden Road in front of the Genesee Valley Mall and runs north across the mall entrance to the former rail road tracks heading east behind Red Wing Shoes over Lennon Road, Dutcher Road and through the neighborhoods to I-75 and then a jog north to Corunna Road next to Muffler Man, over I-75 and down the south side of Corunna Road to Atlas Coney Island.