Bike trails bring two-wheel tourism to northern Michigan businesses

Photo by: HOWARD LOVY A 15.5-mile bicycle trail connects Traverse City and Suttons Bay.

Before Nick Wierzba and his wife moved to her home state of Michigan in mid-March, he spent seven years at Napa Valley Bike Tours leading thousands of people on treks through California’s wine country — without a path specifically for bicycles.

So when Wierzba and wife Kasey heard that more bike trails were being paved in Michigan’s own version of Napa Valley — the Leelanau Peninsula —”that was kind of the kick in the pants to say hey, if we don’t open a bike shop, somebody’s going to open a bike shop,” Wierzba said.

In June, they set up Suttons Bay Bikes-Grand Traverse Bike Tours in Suttons Bay, about 15 miles north of Kasey Wierzba’s childhood hometown of Traverse City.

“If this were in Napa, California, many, many more people would ride their bikes to and from the wineries,” Wierzba said. With the scenery, quiet trails and short detours to Leelanau Peninsula wineries, he said, “this is probably one of the best Continue reading

Bike Advocates

The League of Michigan Bicyclists advocates for safer conditions for biking and walking. You can learn more about LMB by visiting their web site:

Rich Moeller sent out a letter recently that outlines the projects they are working on. You can read it by clicking on the image below.